Claudius' Anthology

Autore : Claudio Raspollini
Anno di produzione : 2022
Casa Editrice : AUTOPRODOTTO
Genere letterario : Saggistica - Ambientale
Formato : Ebook, Cartaceo
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Altre Notizie : IV Claudius' Anthology

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Perhaps the age drives me or simply the desire to re-read what I have written in years gone by, to descend once again into my heart. I have put my poems and writings to read about me and somehow understand who I am better. A reflection on myself intended above all for my grandchildren, for those who did not know me when I was full of hopes and illusions about life. Some hopes and fantasies are still present in me. I have not forgotten them, nor have I abandoned them. I also think it is essential for them to know who their grandfather was and who he is. All this might not be important for someone who is a stranger to the family and is reading me first, but it is not. It is always lovely to meet a poet, not so much because he writes “wonderful” things, but because he reveals his soul, he lets us penetrate his world without defences, his deepest being, he opens a window on the soul and invites us to look. So this reordering also serves each of you who read me today. In these poems, you will find two distinct collections, “Le stagioni d’un fiore” (The Seasons of a Flower) written in the years between 1975 and 1976 and the other “Di silenzio momenti” (Of Silent Moments) written between 1978 and 1980. They capture my existence at the moment when from Sovigliana, my home town, I moved to Florence, or rather, to Casellina di Scandicci, when Casellina was a hamlet of Scandicci, poems written during the military period in Sardinia and at the beginning of the adventure of my life. It is also a significant passage from my condition of being single, as we would say today, to be the companion of the woman I love and who has been close to me since 1970, my wife, Anna. It is also the richest and most fruitful period of my conversion, my being in the parish, the discovery of Jesus, and my vocation. These poems describe these years, sometimes through memories and sometimes through the events of life. I am always having before my eyes the reality of my threefold love for my wife, God, and humanity. A way to present my story and to hang, through my poems as if they were paintings, a bit of me in the room of your heart. In the hope that they will bring you some joy and light, I wish you a good reading.

-Claudio Raspollini